A Syntrics Revolution


Syntrics connects to a variety of sources such as sensors, web services, IoT gateways to collect data and provide tools to visualize measurements into dashboards. It also distributes dashboards and alert notifications via various channels like email and SMS. Syntrics is a costing tool companion as it can distribute energy costs amongst Cost Centres.







A Closer Look

Cloud or on-premise installation


Data Security & Isolation


Consolidate and view aggregated data


Flexible alerting system


Custom dashboards design


PDF reports and managed distribution


Cost Center Aggregation Tool


GDPR compliant



Create visually anything you desire using a set of widgets such as graphs, KPIs, grids



Whatever can be measured, it can be visualized, monitored and reported



Whether it is energy consumption or any other measurement that can be costed, it will help you spot the biggest consumers



Start with a small installation and expand as needed. Monitor small buildings up to whole cities.